EPA-Approved Cleaning Supplies

EPA-Approved Cleaning Supplies

Every Team Member Trained

Every Team Member Trained

Cleaning and Sanitation Protocol

10-Step Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitation Protocol

PMI Purify Cleaning Protocol

Enhanced procedures and guidance on how to clean every room in a home. These guidelines will include a learning and certification program to empower our PMI franchise community of hosts with all the necessary tools to standardize and effectively execute the PMI Purify cleaning standard.

The PMI Purify Enhanced Cleaning Protocol will include specific information on COVID-19 prevention, such as the use of personal protective equipment, like masks and gloves for hosts or their cleaners, as well as disinfectants that are approved by regulatory authorities. The protocol will be available to all franchisees and we encourage them to commit and adopt these enhanced cleaning practices. Listings enrolled in the PMI Purify Cleaning Protocol will be available for stays immediately after the enhanced cleaning is performed.

The PMI Purify Enhanced Cleaning Protocol is expert-backed and it’s principles are in harmony with those required by online travel agencies such as Airbnb.


What is the PMI Purify 10-Step Enhanced Cleaning Process?

The 10-step cleaning process is a set of cleaning practices that all PMI hosts are required to follow between guest stays, in addition to their local laws and guidelines. The process is based on Airbnb’s cleaning handbook, along with additional PMI safety measures developed in partnership with experts in an effort to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Get a Highlight on Your Listing

After you or a member of your hosting team commits to the cleaning process, your listings will get a highlight to let guests know that you’re committed to clean.

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